Environmental Quality Association

New Mexico Municipal Environmental Quality Association Mission Statement

The New Mexico Municipal Environmental Quality Association is a subsection of the New Mexico Municipal League organized to address environmental issues including water quality, solid waste, air quality, etc. and related regulatory issues and increase proficiency of its members through sharing of experiences, expertise and techniques including sponsorship of professional education that combined will result in improved environmental quality at the State and Local level.


  • President: Danielle Shuryn (ABCWUA)
  • President-Elect: Susan Baysinger (Portales)
  • Vice-President: Merat Zarreii (ABCWUA) 
  • Immediate Past President: Maria Gilvarry (Las Vegas)

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Pompeo (NMED)
  • John DeSha (Portales)
  • Robert Fowlie, Associate/Client Service Leader - (CDM Smith)
  • Jody Garcia (Souder Miller)
  • Clayton Ten Eyck (Molzen Corbin)
  • Patrick Peck, Director (South Central Solid Waste Authority)
  • Terry Sykes (Raton)
  • Vacant